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Dog House provides the best customized rooms for your dog! To make your loved ones feel comfortable, we have the choice between the Regular Room (37 SqFt), perfect for any dog breed and the Family Room (132 SqFt) for those who have more than one dog in their family and who would like to be accommodated together in room. Our spacious rooms will not only give your furry loved ones the comfortable rest they need after a stimulated day of play, it will be equipped with a custom-made bed or sofa together with food and a water bowl. Blankets or mattresses can be provided or you can also bring their favorite blanket or mattress from home to make your loved ones feel more at home.

Dog Park


At Dog House, we offer fun Weekend activities exlcusively for our Members to enjoy. Our Play Area is open every Friday and Saturday from 9 AM till 5 PM for you and your furry family members to come and spend some quality time together and to create a stronger bond between you and your little ones. We offer up to 6,500 square feet of both indoor and outdoor space for you and your little ones to enjoy.

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Every doggy regardless of size, breed, age or coat type, needs to be groomed on a regular basis. At Dog House, we have a Grooming salon available to provide your four-legged loved ones with an array of services to ensure your doggy looks as clean and stunning as ever. Each pet receives one-on-one care in a stress-free environment. The salon is cleaned and disinfected between each customer. We have an assortment of grooming products from Oster that will be used on your little ones so they leave the salon looking like a movie-star.

Entry Requirements


Your dog’s safety is our priority therefore all dogs that come into our care needs to have their annual vaccinations. Upon registration, please bring along their passports so we can have their information stored into our system. All dogs also need to be microchipped and registered under Dubai Municipality. All dogs must be vaccinated at least 21 days before they are eligible for boarding, daycare and the usage of Dogpark.

A list of vaccinations your dog MUST have:







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